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Tresillo are a band of three very experienced and talented musicians who met in Andalusia, Spain in 2004. After playing in various successful groups they decided to create a music that reflected their shared enjoyment of world musics and their love of spanish culture. With a minimalist line up of violin, cajon and bass guitar they combine original melodies with powerful latin and carribean rhythms and are not afraid to use new musical technologies to enhance their creativity. Tresillo have played gigs on the coast from Almeria to Gibralta and inland from Teba to Lisbon including many ferias and ayuntamiento concerts as well as playing weddings,providing acoustic ambience for restaurants; cultural events such as barn dances and even on one occasion working with and playing for a belly dancing troupe. Over time they have developed a loyal following amongst both the spanish and foreign communities and all three are fluent in spanish. Tresillo can provide sound equipment from acoustic levels up to a quality 2K rig as well as technical support for those that need

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